Cargo Handling Services

‘We are, your ideal partner….!’

The cargo handling representation and assistance Services of Air Consult Albania was officially inaugurated and began its operation on the 7th October 2016. We offer an entire range of Cargo services in our state of the professional staff and infrastructures which is located at Tirana International Airport. The facilities offer both landside and airside operational access which allows us to significantly increase the cargo turnaround time. Our cargo staff involved in operations and representing the airlines are ensuring safety and secure handling operation supervision monitoring closely all the activities as preparation of export manifests, Customs releases procedures, Electronic transmission to Customs from part of handler or directly from our staff, Operational, Safety and Security Regulations compliance in accordance with carrier instructions, Maintenance of Manuals and Bulletins required by the airline and the authorities, direct supervision of the on loading and offloading of aircraft, Supervision of palletizing and containerization, Supervision of cargo custody,  Delivery of Weight and Balance data to Flight Dispatcher, Checking of the inbound freight for damages and missing cargo, Tracing of missing cargo with the airline, Supervision of the delivery of inbound freight to the customs bonded warehouse, Electronic transmission of the inbound manifest to Customs, facilitating the Customs procedures, monitoring the acceptance of HAZMAT and other special cargo in accordance with airline regulations.