Ground Handling Services

‘We are, your ideal partner….!’

This service it’s offered to all airlines ensuring to them the functionality and applicability of all carrier compliance standards, as prevented in SGHA or SLA between airline and service providers. To the demanding cost cut from part of airlines offering our local staff, avoiding cost of external staff relocations and rotations, we are offering best, smart and economic solutions for all parts involved in business. Our package offer fully integrated ground handling action. In the airports when handling is exclusively provided from airport itself we offer handling supervision, from landside to airside activities, monitoring and reporting, assisting and initiating the prompt compliant acting from part of service provider, always in respect of safety and security of operations.    

For more demanding airlines we may offer tailor services with dedication to specific part of handling supervision. For all dedicated services will made dedicated invoices only for the portion of service delivered. Flexibility and commune understanding with our valuable partner are our strength in business relationships.

Our integrated supervision service its offered also as sole separated service on demand from carriers. We offer packages that are dedicated to Supervision Passenger and Ramp Services, Supervision Gate and Check-in Services, Ticketing and Reservation Services, Supervision Load Control Services, Supervision Baggage Services, Supervision Lost and Found, Supervision Irregularity Handling, Supervision Airline Lounge Operations, Supervision VIP Services, Supervision Aircraft De-Anti Icing, , Fuelling Services Supervision, Aviation Documentation check and control, etc