Product and Services

‘We are, your ideal partner….!’

Air Consult Albania as a specialized company providing advice and services within the Ground Operations and Ground Handling fields to Airlines, Ground Service Providers (GSP), Aerodrome Operators, Regulators, Training Organizations and suppliers to the industry is build based on dedicated and experienced staff on air transport business. Air Consult Albania can provide NOT ONLY “all-inclusive” service package but also tailor-made services in addition to managing integrated collaboration models. As different airports are subject of sole handling provider we have adopted our business on offering professional aviation support services and huge assistance tailored upon customer needs.

– Airline Station Representation
– Ground Handling Supervision
– Supervision Passenger and Ramp Services
– Supervision Gate and Check-in Services
– Ticketing and Reservation Services
– Supervision Load Control Services
– Supervision Baggage Services
– Supervision Lost and Found
– Supervision Irregularity Handling
– Supervision Airline Lounge Operations
– Supervision VIP Services
– Supervision Aircraft De-Anti Icing
– Cargo Handling Services Supervision
– Executive Aviation
– Fuelling Services Supervision
– Station Management Control
– Aircraft Maintenance Supervision (In cooperation with third parties)
– Aviation Security

We are present in different countries through our partnership and subcontractors assuring handling supervision of numerous flights per year, as well we offer customized service with dedicated cargo supervisor agents in all airport airports area warehouses.

Our staff it’s serving unconditionally in all airports areas to many airlines as customer.