Ticketing and Reservation Services

‘We are, your ideal partner….!’

Are you finding your Airline’s sales lagging and in need of assistance in selling MORE seats on your Airline? Would you like to generate NEW REVENUE sources from additional countries?

Air Consult Albania can provide you with a large communication and sales organization and assistance of IATA and non-IATA agencies all around the countries when we do operate. Air Consult Albania provides a one-stop-shop service to any airline seeking to improve its distribution with dedicated and professional staff.

 Air Consult Albania offers airlines a package to suit its needs, starting from guidance and assistance with the joining process, and once the airline has joined, providing administrative services.  Whichever option the airline takes – let Air Consult Albania do the work for you.

Why participating and selling more for the carriers that are represented from Air Consult Albania? With sales offices covering many destinations and over 22 years of close relationship with different airlines our professional staff will guide you through the right process and oversee until completion.

Many satisfied airline customers have already benefited from our experience and we are proud to list some of them:

› Swift and professional prompt response to all of your inquiries

› Personal handling of administration work and specific joining documents required for different countries

› Completion of all documentation on airline’s behalf, handling signature process and supervising procedure requested by carrier or as recommended from IATA

› Maintaining continuous interface between IATA, ARC and airline local sales;

› Providing sales and other services as re-booking, re-scheduling, assisting, presenting rates and fees

› Distributing directives and fare updates for local travel agents in coordination with the airline

› Handling of excess baggage collections and refunds approved in coordination with the airline

› Providing airline with reports to track its growth and expansion

› Offering airlines Air Consult Albania’s GSA excellent services